Typical ForecasTools Roles

These are just some of the Roles within your organization that can benefit from ForecasTools


Changing consumer preferences, competitive landscapes and supply chain constraints need more than BI and spreadsheets to understand and manage successfully.

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ForecasTools measures how changing business conditions affect performance and the resource requirements, risk planning, and capital needed to react.

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ForecasTools evaluates key account and market performance, identifies conditions to improve it, sets goals that achieve it, and publishes tactics for execution.

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Unit velocity is affected by market conditions, price, and promotion events. This leads to inventory imbalances and out-of-stock conditions across the supply chain.

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Transportation and distribution modes are impacted by evolving business models and the volatile conditions they must support to satisfy order fulfillment needs.

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Not For Profit

ForecasToolshelps you manage costs, control expenses and plan for the possibility of revenue shortfalls.

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